Things I should do to make year 2022 better

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March 8, 2021

Things I should do to make year 2022 better
The year 2022 is just few days away, and I am pretty sure you have planned the things you are going to do, or at least given a thought on things you wish to accomplish. If you have not, do not panic – Positive mind & Relaxed body – That’s the first thing you need in order to plan ahead.


No wonder, many of us, at times, cannot think of things we EXACTLY want with life. For some, it’s about earning loads of money and for others it’s just about Happiness. No matter what anyone says, all we are looking for is the outcome we have been wanting for quite a long time.

It always depends on an individual on what truly makes them happy. A farmer always wishes for more rain, a teacher wishes their students excel at what they do, a mother always wants better health of their kids and a father always wants to provide security for his family. We always, are looking for something that makes us – oneself – HAPPY.

When you talk about plans and wishes for future with your friends, most of them have common motive – to earn more, to travel more, to go to Jupiter [Unless your friend is an ET], to gain good shape, to stay healthy.. So, if you have a different motive, does it mean that you are not serious about it ? Does it mean you need to think HUGE when it comes to future planning ? The answer is NO. It doesn’t matter if your target is small or big. Until you achieve it, it’s always going to be what you seriously want. Even if your target is, ‘To learn how to make a pancake’ or ‘To buy a flashy sports car’ – it does not matter. All that matters is you achieve it once you set’em.

I met one of my school buddies couple of days ago and asked him about same thing I had on my mind. ‘So, what are you thinking of achieving in 2017?’ ‘You know, hang out every other weekend with my close mates from my hometwon’, he replied. WOW. No “Serious Determination” as some would say, but I was really amazed. That’s how it should be. Make determination to do all those small activities or things that will make you happy, keep you cheerful and energized. So, I am doing similar things this upcoming year that will constantly make me happy. I am confident, these will add ‘One more Quality Year Spent’ attribute into my life. These are the things I intend to do.


Never miss my favorite team’s Football Match 

I am a huge fan of Manchester United, and have been following them since more than a decade now. It gives me a great joy when I see some of my best players on the pitch. Match Schedule keeps me looking forward to that particular day. I become so passionate when following sports – this will keep my mind occupied from negative thoughts from coming in. 


Cook more often

Yep, I am into cooking – ocassionally – when I am “in the zone”. I like cooking mutton, spaghetti and chicken. My younger brother has been nagging for months – for the, as my friends say “Dawadi’s Fried Chicken”. I will definitely spend more time in kitchen and cook foods that I absolutely like. No more laziness – GRRR!!!


Watch less TV series 

I know it’s a tough promise to keep up, but I am fulfilling it this year. No more late night Series Marathons. Will allocate proper time [And when I say proper, I mean less], and only stick to what truly is amazing. Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot & House of Cards – you guys survive.


Travel more

I am from a country, where one can never visit all of the mesmerising places in an entire lifetime. You will need a Cat’s life to do so. And yet, I haven’t done much of Internal Travelling lately – Yes, I’ve been to most of the popular places, but this time, I am looking to explore rural areas of Nepal.


Adventure Sports / Activities 

I have done most of the adventure related activities there is to do in Nepal. However, new adventure for me is trekking/hiking to rural areas of Nepal and getting to know the lifestyle there. When I learn some, I will definitely share about them here in my blog.


Put on some weight

No wonder, for a skinny guy like me – that’s always going to be on my list. I am not unhealthy or anything, but I just want to put on some weight, just to stay more fitter – don’t know that’s even a right word. Anyhoo, few kgs [or pounds, wherever you are reading this from] will definitely make me look more healthy.


Lastly, Blog Often

For a guy spending more than 10 hours in front of a computer per day, it’s definitely not too much to ask of myself – one blog once in a while. I will share my opinions, researches and findings that I think are worthy of sharing with you guys.

These points more or less cover all of my targets. I know these are not biggies, but if I get to complete these, I’m sure, will make me happy – in my own way – which is a right way – for me.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year – May you stay healthy and keep achieving what you desire. Lots of wishes for a GRAND year 2022 ahead.